Register in Probate

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oconto County Register in Probate Office, Probate Court, is to maintain records and provide information and counsel to attorneys and individuals involved in probate matters; and in Juvenile Court, maintain the records and keep them confidential.

The Probate and Juvenile Department fulfills its mission and serves the Probate and Juvenile Court and the public by accomplishing several major functions. The Department maintains all records for the Court, prepares records for the Court of Appeals and advises the Director of State Courts of all record statistics, receipts the necessary fees and disburses them accordingly. Additionally, issues orders for hearings and takes testimony of witnesses under oath for proof of heirship and wills. The Probate Court Commissioner is responsible for uncontested probate proceedings. Attorneys and the public are advised by the Department regarding probate matters and changes regarding estates, trusts, and guardianships. The Department audits and approves or disapproves all guardianship, conservatorship and trust annual accountings. The Department manages the annual protective placement reviews, maintains the retention of court records as prescribed by the Supreme Court Rules, Chapter 72 and files Wills and Powers of Attorney/Health Care for safekeeping.