Jail Division

General Information

The Oconto County Jail strives to provide the proper and humane treatment of the inmates housed by guaranteeing their constitutional rights and providing protection for the safety of the community. The jail is run under the authority of the Sheriff following Wisconsin Statutes and the Department of Corrections administrative code. The oversight of the Jail is done by Jail Administrator Carol Kopp. 

The department is staffed with 27 members including, 1 Jail Administrator, 1 Jail Lieutenant, 4 Sergeants, 4 Corporals, 1 Jail Receptionist and 17 Correctional Officers.

The newly designed and built Oconto County Jail opened on August 7th, 2017. The jail has a main center pod that can house 145 prisoners. Within the pod there are 17 housing units. This design allows for the effective classification of inmates. Some of the housing units have single cell assignment while others are a dormitory, open concept housing unit.

Should you have further questions about the jail please feel free to contact Jail Administrator Kopp at 920-834-6917.