Land Information

Mission Statement

Survey Section

The purpose of the Survey Department is to re-establish, perpetuate, and maintain the physical and record evidence of the original government survey and to preserve the (PLSS) Public Land Survey System and the records thereof, as a basis for an accurate land title and boundary location.

Property Listing / Tax Deed Section

To maintain accurate lists and descriptions of all parcels of real property in the County which are subject to tax and those exempt from such tax. To provide lists, maps, and descriptions for the use of assessors, municipal officials, and the general public.

Land Records / Geographic Information System (GIS)

To act as the Land Information Officer and administer the county's involvement with the Wisconsin Land Information Program. To provide guidance, coordination, and technical assistance to users of GIS data within Oconto County for the implementation, development, and assurance of GIS data.

Physical Address

To coordinate and maintain the systematic physical address numbering for existing and new development. In addition to assure proper development of future road names.