Property Listing

General Information

The Real Property Listers office is responsible for approximately 42, 000 parcels listed in computer files which are used to process the assessor's work rolls, assessment rolls, notice of assessment, tax rolls, and tax bills. The treasurer's data files are built from these files for the collection of taxes. Deeds are reviewed and processed according to ownership changes, which vary, from a simple name and address change to complex creation of new parcels. All parcels must receive a parcel ID of the prescribed type and a permanent record created. From these lists, the assessor's work roll is prepared where they place the assessed value of the parcel. These numbers are transcribed from the assessor's work roll to produce the assessment roll and notice of increased assessment. Once the municipality processes this, it is returned and any changes made are processed. Then special assessment rolls are created as well as the placing of manufacturing values, which are received from the Department of Revenue. The process continues with the levy process by all taxing jurisdictions which are entered into the computer which prepares a statement of taxes and then builds the tax roll and tax bill files which the department then prints and distributes to the local municipalities. To support the accuracy of this process maps are continually updated and reviewed as conditions warrant which is found to be a valuable asset and essential part of the taxation process.

In addition, this department also provides labels, tabulation data, and tax maps for particular requests.