Traffic & Forfeitures

The information contained on this web page is provided as a courtesy to members of the public, and shall not be construed as legal advice. If you have questions, contact the Wisconsin Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service 800-362-9082 for additional assistance.

The court date on the citation is your Initial Appearance. Unless "Appearance Required" is checked "yes" on your citation, you do not have to appear if you are not disputing the citation. If you elect to dispute the matter, you will be required to appear for a Pre-Trial Conference. The Pre-Trial Conference will be scheduled by the court after your initial appearance date. Testimony cannot be heard at the time of the Initial Appearance.

Types of Pleas

  • Not Guilty: This denies the allegation.
  • Guilty: This admits the allegation.
  • No Contest: Permits the court to find you guilty without an admission of guilt.

Plea Options

If you Do Not want to dispute the charge:

  • Send in your pink citation along with the deposit amount before the initial appearance date on the citation. This will be considered a no contest plea. Your payment will be applied to the case and the case will be closed.
  • If you do not return your pink citation with payment and fail to appear, a plea of no contest will be entered and you will be found in default. The fine will be imposed and you will be given 60 days to pay the fine in full. Failure to pay in the time allowed will result in referral to State Debt Collection.

If you Want to contest the charge:

  • If you want to plead "Not Guilty" and not appear at the initial appearance, you must enter your plea in writing and send it to the Clerk of Courts prior to the initial appearance date. Not guilty pleas must include the citation/case number, the date you were scheduled to appear, and your current mailing address and phone number. This must be received before the court date on your citation.
  • Not Guilty Plea form (PDF)
  • Not guilty pleas can be submitted in writing two ways:
    • By Mail
      • Mail your not guilty plea to:
        Oconto County Clerk of Courts
        301 Washington Street
        Oconto, WI 54153
    • By Fax
      • Fax your not guilty plea to 920-834-6867.
  • Not guilty pleas can also be entered in person at your initial appearance if you choose to appear. No testimony will be heard at the initial appearance.

Requesting a Payment Plan

All payment plan requests need to be done so in writing. Please follow the Payment Plan (PDF) template.

Mandatory Loss of Driver's License

The following violations, upon conviction, will result in a required suspension or revocation of your driver's license:

  • Speeding 25 MPH or more over the limit (55, 65, or 70 speed limit) on the open road.
  • A refusal to take an offered test for intoxication, unless upon a timely request the court would find such refusal to be reasonable under the law.
  • Operating while under the influence of an intoxicant or drug.
  • Misrepresenting age to procure intoxicants or conviction of person under 18 of possessing or consuming intoxicants.

Demerit Point System

Assessment of Points/Loss of License:

Most moving traffic violations will result in demerit points assessed against the driver's record. The points are established by law and based upon the seriousness of the offense. Your citation should tell you how many demerit points would be assessed for that offense at the top and near the center. Points will double for all second and subsequent offenses for those with a Probationary License. If you accumulate more than 12 points in a year, the DMV will suspend your driver's license.

Point Reduction Traffic School:

  • For information regarding point reduction traffic school please contact NWTC at 920-498-5526 or 800-422-6982, ext. 5526.

Questions Regarding Your Driver's Record? Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at 800-924-3570

For questions regarding your traffic citation, please contact the Clerk of Courts at 920-834-6858.