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Additional Resources

  • List of Plumbers and Soil Testers (PDF)
    This is a list of licensed plumbers and soil testers, in no particular order, that have worked or commonly work in Oconto County. This list is intended to assist Oconto County landowners in the process of hiring licensed plumbers and/or soil testers. Oconto County does not endorse nor recommend any firm or individual identified on this list and you may wish to contact any licensed plumber and/or soil tester to work on your behalf.
  • List of Septic Pumpers (PDF)
    This is a list of septic pumpers or inspectors in no particular order that have worked or commonly work in Oconto County. Oconto County does not guarantee the work of any of the listed service providers, and Oconto County is not responsible for the present or future performance of the listed providers. It is the customer's responsibility to research and verify any necessary licenses, bonding or liability insurance held by the listed service providers.


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