Adult / Minor Child 14 & Older

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Who may petition?

An adult or minor who is 14 years or older may sign and file a petition (request) for name change.
A person, including a juvenile, required to register as a sex offender under §301.45(1g), Wis. Stats., may not change his/her name. (§301.47(2)(a), Wis. Stats.).


The adult or minor child 14 years or older must petition the Court in the county in which they reside.


  • Form CV-450 (PDF) Petition for Change of Name (Adult or Minor 14 or older)
    • Petitioner to complete the entire form and sign where indicated
  • Form CV-460 (PDF) Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing
    • Petitioner to complete caption (top section) and "Notice is Given" section only.
  • Form CV-470 (PDF) Order for Name Change
    • Petitioner to complete document


The Notice and Order for Name Change must be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in a local newspaper prior to the hearing date.

Contact the Oconto County Reporter for information regarding publication and fees to publish the legal notice.

  • Email Legal or call 888-774-7744 and press the prompt for legal ads

Proof of Publication

After publication, the newspaper will send (usually email) the Petitioner an Affidavit of Publication. The Affidavit of Publication must be provided to the Court prior to the commencement of the name change hearing if not previously filed with the Clerk of Courts.

  • The Court will not proceed with the name change hearing without proof of publication.
  • A printed copy of the proof of publication is required for filing.