Land & Water Conservation

Mission Statement

To serve landowners of Oconto County to manage, protect, and improve land and water resources through cooperation with Federal, State, and private agencies, and secure funding to provide technical and monetary assistance to achieve sound environmental practices to permanently benefit our land and water resources.

Administer funds and technical assistance on Best Management Practices available for cost-share through the Pensaukee River Priority Watershed Program, Soil and Water Resource Management Grant, and Oconto County Cost-Share Program. Administer technical assistance with abatement and damage claims in the Wisconsin Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims Program in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Provide, to the extent available, technical advice to landowners and agricultural operators for the planning, designing and installation of facilities and practices required under the Animal Waste Management Ordinance to protect surface and ground water quality. Provide, to the extend available, technical advice to landowners and assist in securing any available funding to install practices and reach objectives identified in the County Land and Water Resource Management Plan. Provide, to the extent available, technical advice to landowners in any matters of general natural resource management to protect and preserve the environment that is Oconto County.