Child Care Certification

If you're thinking about becoming certified and having a childcare business in your own home, please check out the Free Foundational Courses Information. Family and Childcare Resources of NE.W. received funding to help pay for the required pre-service training childcare courses for certification. Stay home with your children while making a potential steady income caring for other children.

There is a great need in our area for more certified and licensed childcare. This is a great opportunity to get your required training in at no cost to you.

Child Day Care

Provides reimbursement of child care expenses to enable parents to work, seek employment, or finish high school. Care must be provided by a State Licensed or County Certified provider. Eligibility is based on family income.

The program also recruits, monitors, and certifies individuals to provide childcare services in their homes. Provides resource and referral services to people seeking daycare.

Childcare Resource & Referral

Our mission is to increase awareness of quality childcare in Oconto County by providing community education, identifying and developing childcare resources, assisting families in their childcare search, and supporting childcare professionals.