New View Industries has been providing quality vocational services to the disabled of Oconto County since 1974. The goal of New View Industries is to enable these individuals to become productive members of society. We are able to do this through a variety of social and vocational services. Some participants can learn skills that will allow them to enter the mainstream workforce, and also teach them daily living skills. By working at New View, our participants get a sense of belonging and being productive.

Through our vocational services, New View Industries operates a workshop with more than 28,000 square feet of assembly and warehouse space. If your company has jobs that they would like to outsource, then New View is the place for you. We always provide competitively priced, on-time services to our customers. Our diverse production crew of over 100 employees is committed to high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

New View Industries is able to efficiently handle custom packaging and assembly jobs that can be too costly or time consuming. NVI would like the opportunity to help you reduce costs, increase production and delivery, or free your workers and workspace for other assignments and operations.

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New View is a government non-profit agency that is operated by Oconto County Health and Human Services. New View was first established in 1974 through the efforts of parent advocates who wanted more opportunities for their disabled children as they transitioned into adulthood. Through the years, New View has changed, adapted, and expanded to what it is today. New View offers a wide variety of services for individuals as well as the community to help support our diverse population. New View is proud to serve Oconto County and the surrounding communities. We are committed to provide quality services to participants in all areas of their lives.