Child Protective Services

Investigate caregiver reports of child abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual abuse) or neglect (failure to provide adequate care) in accordance with Chapter 48 of Wisconsin State Statutes. Reports are received from the public and community agencies (i.e., law enforcement, schools, physicians, counseling agencies, etc.) First priority is to assess and ensure the safety of the child. Some cases are referred to court; treatment recommendations may be made to the court. Supervision and monitoring of the family are also provided.

Court Intake & Studies

The Department works closely with the Circuit Court to provide services to children. These services are defined in Chapter 48 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. Services include intake and assessment, case plans, child protective services, treatment plans, recommendations, and permanency plans. On occasion, the Department is ordered to conduct custody studies to assist the Court in making decisions concerning the physical placement, legal custody, and visitation issues involving children. Custody studies are done only through a court order. There is no fee for these services, except for custody studies where a flat fee is charged based on a contract between the Department and Family Court.

Case Management / Service Coordination

Provides a supportive service by department staff whose responsibility is to determine eligibility, assess an individual's/family's needs, and assure that the individual / family receives the needed services identified in the assessment. Case plan development and monitoring of services are also provided.