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1. I live in an apartment complex/multi-family unit facility. Who is responsible to provide recycling information?
2. Did I recycle right over the holidays?
3. Can plastic grocery bags be recycled with the single-stream recyclables?
4. Do caps and lids need to be removed on plastic bottles and containers before recycling?
5. Can I place all of my recyclables into one container at my municipal drop off center?
6. Do all municipalities provide for Single Stream recycling at their drop off centers?
7. Can I bring my recyclables to a different municipal drop off center than where I reside?
8. Where and how can I recycle by milk and soup carton containers?
9. As a business owner, where do I find information on how to recycle properly?
10. I have plans to move. Do you have tips for making my moving experience greener?
11. Where can I find information on recycling tips during the winter holidays?
12. I plan to do some home remodeling, are there any recycling guidelines I should follow?
13. Where can I find information on recycling light bulbs?