Why am I required to have my system maintained every three years?

A key reason to maintain your system is to save money! A three-year inspection is a bargain when you consider the cost of replacing the entire POWTS. Other reasons include preventing the spread of infection and disease and protecting the ground water. Also, the state plumbing code requires all active systems installed in Oconto County to have maintenance completed at least once every 3 years.

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1. Can I perform maintenance sooner than every 3 years?
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3. Is there information available on proper use and maintenance of my septic system?
4. My system was installed prior to 1989. Why did I receive a notice of maintenance?
5. My tanks were pumped last year and now I received my notice. Do I need to schedule another maintenance inspection considering the tanks were pumped the year prior?
6. What are the licensed pumpers, plumbers, etc. required to inspect?
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8. Why am I required to do maintenance on my cottage septic system when I only use it two or three times a year?
9. Why am I required to have my system maintained every three years?
10. Why do I get a notice and my neighbor has never received a notice to perform maintenance on their septic system?