Town of Riverview

Reminder:  The next Board Meeting will be April 11th.  

                   The Annual Meeting will be April 19th  (not the 18th as previously announced) at 6:00pm.  The Annual Meeting is one of 2 Meetings of the Electors that are held every year.  The Annual Meeting is a great time to Review the previous year.  The Board and the supporting Commissions file and review their reports.  Please come and support your community by understanding where we have been and shape the path for the future.  

                    There will be a SPECIAL Meeting of the Electors on April 22nd at 10am.  For over a year, members of the community and the board have been reviewing future needs and working with Oconto County to create a Community Center and a Secured Wing for County Services ( Sheriff's Dept, Veteran's Services and Mental health to name a few)  This will be a building  that you can all be proud of and a real honor for the Town of Riverview.  The plans are taking shape and it is time for all interested citizens to get involved.  On April 22nd, the board will review the plans, answer questions and encourage the positive VOTE from our Electors.  

Elections are April 4th 7am-8pm.

In-person absentee ballots will be available from March 21st through April 2nd.  Mailed Ballots can be requested through

Road Weight Limits will be posted and enforced beginning Monday March 13th. 

The weight limits will be in effect until this notice is removed from the website.

Tar Dam Recycle Center is looking for a new Attendant.  Thank-you to Dave for serving our township.  Dave will still be around until the end of April.  Anyone interested in more information can call Dick Booth or stop in the office to pick up an application.

Town of Riverview - Public Notice - Election

A Notification of Noncandidacy has been received by the Clerk's office from: 

  • Ann Hogan, Town Chairman. She will not be running for office.
  • Dick Booth, Town Supervisor. He will not be running for office.
  • James Zittlow, Town Supervisor. He will be running for Town Chairman.

A Notification of Noncandidacy has been received from Wabeno School that Janet Opiela will not be running for School Board.

Riverview Fire Department will start the New Year with a change in roles. Fire Chief, TJ Schrank has served as our Chief since April 2016 and has decided to make a change. A huge thank-you goes to TJ for all he has done! New Fire Chief Barry Butrymowicz and Assistant Chief, Rob Heyrman have accepted those positions! Thanks for "stepping up to the plate", guys! Riverview is in good hands!

Town of Riverview was filled with excitement and festivities on December 3rd. There were many activities to get involved in as well as a fun Hay Ride! Those who participated were entered in drawings for the 2 snowmen and 7 goodies bags. Ariana Williams and Madison Mossman were the lucky winners of the Snowmen. Other winners were: Skyler Franzen, Taylor Miotke, Sophia Baum, Abitz, Graysen, Britteny Beckinghow and Bela Shippen. Congratulations to everyone! Fun was had by all. Next year's party is set for December 9th, 2023. Mark your calendars!

A Revaluation of property is being done this year.

Board of Review is scheduled for April 25th 11:00am - Since the Tax Revaluation will not be complete, per state statute, the meeting will be called to order and adjourned to a later date, based on the completion of the tax rolls.  

Snow Season & Road Safety

In the event of severe weather, great snowfall or icy conditions, please stay home. Our snow and ice removal trucks will work hard to get to your roads in the most efficient manner possible. Our top priorities are the Main Roads and Bus Routes. Once all main roads are clear, the secondary roads will be cleared. After the roads are open, then the recycling, parking and other areas will be cleared. Do not expect the recycle/dump areas to be open after severe weather.

The Town of Riverview will always welcome snowmobilers to our area. Parking is available at the Town Hall. There are many miles of beautiful trails in our area. Please be respectful of our town roads. Parking is available at the town hall and the trail crosses our property for easy snowmobile access.

Dog Licenses

Please be sure to register your dog. The license can be purchased when paying your taxes or anytime you have an addition to your family.

Applications may be downloaded from this site or picked up from the Clerk during scheduled hours. Complete the form, enclose it along with your check, a self-addressed stamped envelope and mail it to the Town Treasurer. You can also put it in the drop-box behind the Town Hall. The Treasurer will mail the dog tags to you in your enclosed/stamped envelope.


Recycling Fees can be found under Forms and Documents and are subject to change.

Recycle Center/Dump Permits can be picked up at the Town Hall during regular business hours or you may send a picture of your driver's license, the local address of your property, your phone number and which site you dump at via email to the Town Clerk. A card will be created and given to the attendants for future pickup.

Please note our recycle center is for local individual use only! Please do not bring recycle items from your home town or from your business. This is a very costly part of our town functions and it seems there has been some misunderstanding. Please call our clerk if you have any questions or concerns.

Dog Park

The dog park is available for use free of charge. It is located next to the Riverview Town Hall. Rules of use are posted at the entrance. Use at your own risk as the Town will not be liable for any incidents that occur there.

About Riverview

The Town of Riverview is located in the heart of the Nicolet National Forest in northern Oconto County in the State of Wisconsin, just 75 miles northwest of Green Bay.

Get directions from your location to the Riverview Town Hall on Highway 32.

The area abounds with lakes, rivers and streams for the watersports enthusiast, and trails for the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) rider, cross-country skier, snowmobiler and hiker. Local residents and visitors alike boast of the beauty and uniqueness of each of the four seasons, from the first breath of spring to the last snowflake of winter. This is a tourist area where businesses cater to your needs and taxpayers welcome you to their "piece of heaven".

Come enjoy yourself with us.

Town Hall Office Location

15471 Highway 32
P.O. Box 220
Mountain, WI 54149
(5 miles north of Mountain on Highway 32 )

Clerk - Beth Hartman Office Hours

12:30 to 4 pm

12:30 to 4 pm

1st and 3rd Saturday
8 to 10 am

Call 715-276-6914 or 715-850-1216

Treasurer - Debra Niesen Office Hours

2nd Tuesday of the month
9 am to noon

Call 715-276-9478 or 920-540-2666

Town of Riverview Information

Official Website

Email the Town of Riverview Clerk


Town of Riverview - Beth Hartman, Clerk
Phone: 715-276-6914
Contact the Town of Riverview

Address: 15471 Highway 32
P.O. Box 220
Mountain, WI 54149

Office Hours

12:30 to 4 pm

12:30 to 4 pm

1st and 3rd Saturday
8 to 10 am


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