Children's Long Term Support Waiver

The Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Waivers were submitted to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for review under the Medicaid rules that permit states to flexibly use Medicaid funds for community support and services. These waivers are called home and community-based service (HCBS) waivers. The waivers give the state the flexibility to develop and implement creative alternatives to placing Medicaid-eligible individuals in hospitals, nursing facilities or intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation. The HCBS waiver program recognizes that many individuals at risk of being placed in these facilities can be cared for in their homes and communities, preserving their independence and ties to family and friends at a cost no higher than that of institutional care.

States have the flexibility to design each waiver program and select the mix of waiver services that best meets the needs of the population they wish to serve. Wisconsin DHFS has a variety of services with the children's waivers. States can make home and community-based services available to individuals who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid only if they were in an institutional setting.

This program serves individuals under 22 years old. Eligibility is based on financial and functional criteria. Cost shares and parental fees may apply.

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