Behavioral Health

Community-Based Treatment / Transitional Living

Provides adult placements in a halfway house or CBRF. The placement may be short-term if someone needs to transition between hospitalization and independent living, or long-term if the client needs ongoing supervised living. Placement is provided to mental health and alcohol and other drug abuse clients. Monthly fee is based upon ability to pay. Clients are responsible for actual costs. Payment plans are available.

Comprehensive Community Services

Provides services such as counseling, transportation, advocacy, resource coordination, and case management, which are primarily home-based rather than being provided in the office. Service is provided to those with serious and persistent mental illness or chemical abuse problems.

Counseling / Therapeutic Resources

Provides individual and family therapy for mental health and alcohol/drug abuse disorders. Psychiatric and psychological services are available. Fees are based on a sliding fee scale.

Crisis Intervention

Emergency services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for mental health crisis. During office hours (8 am to 4 pm), call 920-834-7000. For non-office hours, contact St. Clare Hospital in Oconto Falls at 920-846-3444 or the Oconto County Sheriff's Department 920-834-6900.

Inpatient Treatment

Provides emergency and non-emergency hospitalizations for mental health and alcohol/other drug abuse situations. The Department may assist with admission to an appropriate hospital or treatment facility. Fees are based upon ability to pay. Clients are responsible for actual costs. Payment plans are available.

Mediation - Family Court

In any family court proceeding where there is a dispute regarding the care and custody of children, the State of Wisconsin requires that the parties involved be referred to a certified mediator to facilitate a resolution. Each month there are two general introduction presentations held describing the mediation program. These presentations are free and open to the public. Formal mediation is ordered through the family court. Fees are charged by the family court.

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